1) What is drinqright bottles made of ? 

The bodies of our bottles are made from 100% FDA/LFGB approved good grade silicone which is non-toxic and BPA free. Our caps are made from Polypropylene (PP) which is considered to be the safest of all plastics.


2) Where are our bottles manufactured ? 

Our bottles are designed in London and responsibly made in China, and they are manufactured at the highest quality possible with an FDA/LFGB approved process.


3) Can I use my bottle for hot beverages ? 

Yes! Silicone is safe for hot liquids up to 230°C. HOWEVER, we do not recommend using it for liquid temperatures higher than 60°C to prevent burning your hand while holding it.


4) Dishwasher friendly ? 

Yes! Our collapsible water bottles are completely dishwasher safe. To ensure the best wash, clean your bottle with a scrub brush, then place upside down in the top rack of the dishwasher fully expanded. Since silicone is non-porous it should never get too dirty no matter the beverage! 


5) Does it keep drinks hot or cold for a long time ? 

Our drinqright bottles were not specifically designed for this purpose... although they will keep your drinks warm or cool for longer than average.


6) Can I drink out of the bottle when it is collapsed ?

Well that entirely depends on which bottle you're talking about. Our Original bottle can be used when its both expanded & collapsed. Our Foldaway and Vogue bottles can only be used when fully expanded. 


7) My drinqright bottle is leaking, what can I do ? 

Our bottles are of-course designed to be completely leak-proof! If you have any sort of leakage, it's most likely due to an improper seal. Please ensure to properly seal the lid, by holding the neck of the bottle and closing it firmly to create an airtight seal. If you're still having problems, then please contact us at info@drinqright.com and one of our friendly customer support members will help you out. 


8) My bottle has a weird taste... how can I fix this ? 

How very annoying ! You have your brand new drinqright bottle in your hand, you take a sip of water and bam, theres a strange silicone taste. Rest assured, our bottles are made of 100% BPA-Free & Food-Grade silicone which is taste and odor free. Bottles can take on a temporary taste during the manufacturing process as residuals may collect, but this is why we recommend a deep clean before first use using boiling water ! 

Use a scrub brush to clean your bottle thoroughly, then boil in water (without the lid) for 15 minutes and let it air dry until its cool. If you are still experiencing a peculiar taste, scrub it with lemon juice and baking soda & then rinse thoroughly.


9) Are drinqright bottles recyclable ?

Yes! The silicone and PP in the bottle are both recyclable at special facilities. Let us know if you are unsure or need help locating one! 


10) How does shipping work ? 

Once purchased our team will start working on your order! We then use Amazon to fulfil our orders so our houses aren't full to the brim with boxes so don't be alarmed when your bottle arrives in an Amazon Box - they have an extremely efficient shipping system that we use to ensure our lovely customers get their parcels exactly as expected, in one piece and not left out in the rain like some delivery services do!

If you have any issues whatsoever please do not hesitate to email us on info@drinqright.com