Our Story

Our brand was born in 2017 by two students at the University of Birmingham.  It was a damp September evening as the two of us sat in our rooms brainstorming business ideas.
The eureka moment came when one of us briefly mentioned "Lets sell Water 🤔 ?"
2 weeks later we started a packaged water bottle delivery services to other students. We created a website, placed a bunch of stickers around town, handed out leaflets and made some noise on social media. 
We weren't exactly Mark Zuckerberg's coming up with the latest revolutionary idea for the millennial generation... but we were young, motivated and we had a vision
From the very start, we pledged to use all of our earnings towards a social project in South East Asia and we were able to follow through on that in late December 2017.

 We then decided to put our foot on the gas and started working on plans to make our own brand of bottled water, one that would compete with the likes of Evian & Volvic. With the intention to source the finest water possible, I took a trip to British Columbia to find the purest glacial water known to man. 

With that in the pipeline, we continued to advertise our service as normal. However, in early 2018 one of our Facebook posts on our universities social page gained a lot of attention (& I'm not talking about the good kind). Our fellow students were highly critical of the fact we was promoting the use of plastic water bottles. 


It was as if our bubble had been burst, as we came to the realisation that we needed something that would be sustainable and eco-friendly. On that day, we put a halt to our activities and made a promise to come back with a reusable water bottle alternative. 

More than two years later, and after a lot of hard work, we've started making our own cool and unique reusable bottles, in our quest to build the biggest hydration brand in the UK. Our mission is to use our presence to help provide clean water to those who really need it. 


“Life's most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?” Martin Luther King Jr